George A. Colburn

Historian + Filmmaker

Dwight D. Eisenhower & Navajo Code Talkers

During the 75th anniversary of World War II until V-J Day in 2020, historian and filmmaker George A. Colburn is available for video-based presentations about Dwight D. Eisenhower and the war in Europe and about the Navajo Code Talkers and the war in the Pacific.

These presentations include:

Also Available in 2019!
The story of Young Ernest Hemingway

Regarding the political career of Dwight D. Eisenhower, here are additional topics:

  • From Warrior to the Presidency: Why Ike ran, and how he won, 1952.
  • "Waging Peace" in an era of "mutually assured destruction," 1953 – 1961.
  • The Rationale and Meaning of Ike's "Farewell Address," 1961

Colburn's work on the military and political careers of Ike has won critical acclaim from many scholars working in the fields of American military, political and diplomatic history at mid-20th century – a period that continues to influence greatly our nation's foreign and domestic policies.

Recent comments on Dr. Colburn's presentation of Navajo Code Talkers: A Journey of Remembrance:

"The Heard Museum was honored to present the premiere screening of Navajo Code Talkers: A Journey of Remembrance, at our annual American Indian Veterans Day event on Nov. 6. The documentary presents an amazing story of devotion to family and country in time of war by a group of young men who had suffered greatly from poverty and prejudice their entire lives prior to becoming invaluable in the war against Japan. Their individual stories related in the documentary by six Code Talkers and numerous family members are heartfelt chronicles of young American Indians whose sacrifice and courage in World War II deserve to live and be respected forever in the annals of our country's history."

– Marcus Monenerkit
Director of Community Engagement

"We were extremely pleased and honored to host Navajo Code Talkers: A Journey of Remembrance on Nov. 8, 2017. Not only does George Colburn's documentary bring to life an inspiring chapter of modern American history that's all too often overlooked, the event was a financial hit as we sold more than 200 tickets, most on a pre-sale basis. Poignant, compelling, even humorous at times with the added benefit of local touchstones, the film's mix of harsh reality and evocative story-telling made for an especially successful event, the kind we seek to present here for our board members and devoted community of supporters."

– Matthew Schiff, Marketing Director
San Diego History Center